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How Long Does a Same Day Bridge Last?

Same day bridges are designed as a temporary solution until your permanent bridge is ready. Dental bridges sometimes take a while to be manufactured in a dental lab. After that process is complete, the bridge is sent to your dentist in Jacksonville, NC. When it arrives, your dentist will contact you to come in for your final fitting. But before all that happens, you need something to replace your permanent bridge. That’s the job of a same day bridge.

Purpose of a Same-Day Bridge

While a same day bridge isn’t supposed to be permanent, it does serve several key purposes:


After a tooth extraction, no one wants to leave the dentist with missing teeth. It’s embarrassing and can cause self-esteem to suffer. Even though many people lose their adult teeth for any number of reasons, the idea of being seen in public with missing teeth isn’t pleasant. A same day bridge enables the patient to leave the dentist’s office with confidence and self-esteem intact.


The same day bridge preserves the function of the missing teeth. The patient is able to eat, pressure is applied to the bone to avoid degeneration, and the abutting teeth can’t shift toward an empty space in the mouth.

How Long Does a Same Day Bridge Last?

A same day bridge is made to last for several weeks to a few months. During this time, the bridge may be subject to wear and tear from chewing and speaking and potential damage from accidents or trauma. Because these bridges are temporary, they may not fit as securely as a permanent bridge, which can lead to issues with stability and comfort over time.

When you need a dental bridge in Jacksonville, NC, it’s well worth it to get a same day bridge until your permanent bridge is ready. Contact us today to book your appointment.

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